Top 3 Most Eco Friendly Cars

As alarming as it may seem, continuous CO2 emission and harmful pollutants are blanketing the world. It will not be long until we’re all too late to make drastic changes, especially if we don’t start now. That is why, various advocacies in relation to environment campaigns all boils down to taking care of the earth from total destruction – climate change.

Though we are not yet close to having flying cars at the moment, the research with regards to cost effective “green” is still on. The result? The technology now allows us to have hybrid cars, plug-in-hybrids, and full electric vehicles that have the ability to significantly cut out the production of CO2 and NOx tailpipe gases while competing in the market.

With this change in the technological advancement, many environmentally committed and conscious buyers out there would like to have their very own Eco friendly cars. Beginners may find it hard to choose for their own, that is why we’ve rounded up our top 3 list of the most Eco friendly cars that performs best without degrading the appearance. Read on as we’ve unraveled the must-have cars this year:

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Futuristic in looks and in function, Hyundai Ioniq Electric is one of the most admired in the list. Kicking in a horsepower of 147 while its power runs through its dual-clutch transmission, the electric motor and four-cylinder engine in Ioniq is a perfect combination in producing zippy acceleration with a good amount of power. It also has an additional Sports mode that gives a firmer handling. Available in both plug-in hybrid and fully electric models, the Hyundai Ioniq is significantly cheaper than the popular Prius.
ACEEE Rating: 64 points Green Score; 0.78 Environmental Damage Index; 124 miles on a charge with electric equivalent of 136 mpg

BMW i3

Having a luxurious interior and outer design, BMW i3 is also an appealing car in the market. Available in pure electric vehicle or as a hybrid petrol-electric range-extender, i3 is no doubt a part of our top Eco-friendly list. The lightweight petrol engine of BMW acts as an on-board power station, which tops the batteries while driving quietly on the road. Thus, if you prefer to have a stylish “green” car that can give you a longer journey, BMW i3 is for you.
ACEEE Rating: 64 points Green Score; 0.80 Environmental Damage Index; 81 miles on a charge with electric equivalent of 124 mpg

Toyota Prius Eco

Boasting its fuel efficiency, comfortable ride, and impressive interior, Toyota Prius Eco have been very popular for the past years up until now. For the 2017 update, its Safety Sense driver assistance is now a standard for this type of model cars. Thus, Prius is the safest to ride and was also listed as the best in combination of quality and a great value for long-term usage. Hailed as the best hybrid car in the class, it is good to try out Toyota Prius if you prefer safety on a long term basis.
ACEEE Rating: 62 points Green Score; 0.85 Environmental Damage Index; electric equivalent of 56 mpg


Though some may find the plug-in cars to contradict the purpose of being “Eco friendly” as it still uses electricity to run, which actually makes tons of harmful pollution, using one of these top 3 cars can certainly contribute to the target of American Council or Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). In fact, they understood that all electrically related machines are associated with various types of emissions, however, we should still take part in this as these discoveries are the start of a more Eco-friendly living on Earth.