Merits of Hydroseeding in Bellevue, WA

Hydroseeding is an innovative, versatile, and highly effective method used by many people especially in Bellevue WA for planting grass, as well as for erosion control and bank stabilization applications. The technique is popularly used for getting lush green grass in a quick span of time and is mostly used in large commercial sites and lands. Hydroseeding is also used for restoration of landfill sites as it helps stabilize the degraded landfill caps and surrounding banks. 

Hydroseeding in Bellevue, WA is a new age grass planting technique that is becoming popular day by day. It is also known as hydro-mulching, hydro-seeding, and hydraulic mulch seeding. It is now being used in lawns, parks, roadsides, sports grounds, commercial areas and hilly regions.

Why choose Hydroseeding over conventional methods

Compared to the conventional methods of laying down sod or turf, hydroseeding is much more effective and reliable. The slurry that is spread over the lawn promises that grass will grow rich and green in all conditions. More importantly, this process takes only a fraction of the time compared to the lengthy and tedious process of laying sod. Huge commercial areas and government projects that could otherwise not be handled can be easily, and successfully taken care of through this method.

This method is less complex than traditional seed plantation techniques like sod and hand seeding. Moreover, it provides faster results and the grass that grows is healthy green and evenly distributed. Even it helps in controlling soil erosion. It is a cost-effective solution to install new lawn residential.

For restoring failing landfill caps, hydroseeding technique makes use of remedial re-grading and capping followed by a specialized hydroseeding application for stabilizing the final soil layer. The process helps in stabilizing the slopes and in making the areas more safe and reliable.

How hydroseeding works

Here the slurry is minimized with soil stabilizers. The process of hydroseeding is quite simple and requires spraying seeds over a larger area and in much less of time. Another significant benefit of hydroseeding is that it allows quick seed germination and also helps in keeping the soil fertile for a longer period. The mulch used in the slurry is hydroseed mixture which keeps the moisture level of seed and the seedlings to appropriate levels so that seed germination may easily take place. Other key ingredients used in the slurry include fertilizer, tackifying agents, green dye and the additives. In the whole process of hydroseeding, the thing which matters most is the preparation of slurry. It is where the hydro mulching company has to put its effort. If the slurry is not well prepared, seeds will not germinate.

Merits of HydroSeeding

The process of hydroseeding has many merits, and some of the most prominent ones have been listed down here:

1. Hydroseeding helps in quick germination of seeds, and it is the best way of to introduce a new crop in the field. Besides, it is also used in the areas which are large, and even those areas that are not accessible or unsuitable for the conventional methods.
2. Hydroseeding helps in making soil fertile and also prevents the chances of soil erosion, which is otherwise common when you go for the conventional techniques.
3. Hydroseeding is also the most proven and advanced method of revegetation, and it helps in growth of vegetation even in those areas which have been destroyed due to any natural calamity like floods, fire, etc.
4. Hydroseeding helps in fast germination of seedlings, and the farmer will get his first crop very quickly in the season. This will reap huge profits for the farmer. All these facts clearly prove that hydroseeding is the best process of re-vegetation and germination of seedlings.

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