Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lawn

Lawn serves as an entry point for any premises. They depict the lifestyle of a homeowner and his interest in nature. Garden or lawn are sources to see nature around you as fascinating and colorful flowers, a variety of plants and beautifully shaped trees are the necessary elements of a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn requires hard work, time and resources. If you are not considering these, then this is not your cup of tea. Hire professionals to provide you Commercial Spanaway lawn care if you are a resident of Spanaway and get the desired results. Here are tips to achieve a healthy lawn by Commercial lawn maintenance Spanaway, WA:

Select Proper Height for Cutting

Cutting or mowing is essential in order to achieve proper growth for grass. The height of mower blade should be sharp and proper while cutting grass. If you are going to cut cool season

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grass, then height should be 1  inch in the first year of mowing. This eliminates dead grass allowing sunlight to reach below. For warm season grass, the height should be 2 or more inches but in the last cutting of the year, reduce the size to 1-1/2 inch. Use a sharp mower blade for this task.

Deep Watering

A rich amount of water is needed to get strong root and complete nourishment of plants and grasses. Low sprinkling is of no benefit. Generally, lawn requires 1 to 2 inches of water per week. The type of grass, temperature and soil condition also play an important role in deciding the right amount of water. Watering should be done until the soil is moisturized to 4 to 5 inches and then wait to water again until 1 to 2 inches of topsoil dries out. Best time for watering is morning due to more pressure of water, less evaporation and more time to dry before night.

Mow 1/3 of Grass Blade

The 1/3 of blade grass on top is thin and easily decomposes. It contributes to the one-third of nitrogen needed by the lawn. While it’s decomposing helps to slow down the evaporation rate and germination of weeds. The bottom two-thirds of blade grass is tough. Cutting it to more height results in exposed stems and burning caused due to direct sunlight. To avoid this situation if you are going to target 2-inch grass length, then wait until grass reaches to 3-inch height.

Proper Use of Fertilizer and Weed Killers

The timing to introduce fertilizer and weed killers should be appropriate. It should be according to geographic locations, grass type, weed type and soil condition. Attack weed in summer to avoid developing their deep root system. Fertilize in early spring to start root development. Commercial lawn maintenance Spanaway also helps to repair summer damage.

Aerate Your Lawn

Oxygen is necessary for living things. Like humans, it is also needed by plants. Aerating is a process in which the small plugs of soil are removed to provide proper flow of oxygen. It helps in many ways including proper penetration of water and fertilizer deeper into the soil with ease. This reduces soil compaction and creates space for roots.

A healthy lawn depicts a beautiful landscape. Trees are also very important and are the source of sustainability in the environment. If you are a resident of Spanaway and looking for Spanaway tree services, then contact different professional companies which provide services through their certified arborists.

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